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Are you ready to follow your dreams, start your own business, and be your own boss?
With the VIP Hybrid Coaching program, you can make those dreams a reality!
An in-depth 12 month experience created to support every HomeCarePreneur™ to build the business they’ve always wanted, increase their income, and impact their community. 
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The "ELITE" is an upgrade option available to the VIP Hybrid Coaching Program. This is perfect for individuals who are excited about working, networking, learning and thriving in the VIP Hybrid community however; would love the intimacy of 1:1 coaching/mentor-ship with Coach Michele. Direct coaching & mentor-ship with Coach Michele and team will assist you with fast tracking along your journey of starting your business.
This unique opportunity comes with amazing benefits:
  •  12 month UNLIMITED "On-Demand Access" to Coach Michele (valued at $18,000+)
  •  Access to Coach Michele's team of expert guest coaches (valued at $10,000+) 
  •  1 complimentary ticket to the annual Home Care Empowerment Conference in Atlanta, Georgia (valued at $597) 
  •  Of still will have access to ALL of the VIP Hybrid Coaching Program's training site, lessons, templates and worksheets.
Huffington Post -

A 75% increase from previous aging generations – a growth that has fueled a greater need for elder care. In the U.S. alone, elder care is projected to be worth approximately $400 billion by 2018, and out of the many types of available care, in-home healthcare services...
For as long as you can remember, you’ve been dreaming about…
  •  Finding success and independence as an entrepreneur
  •  Building a business that gives back and helps others 
  •  Providing great careers for people in your community 
  •  Being the boss instead of answering to one 
  •  Breaking free from the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle 
  •  Earning the income you deserve for your hard work 
  •  Using your gifts and compassion to help others live a better life 

But you’ve been held back from your dreams by…
  •  Not feeling sure of what type of business is right for you
  •  Feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to get started 
  •  A lack of support and accountability to follow your dreams 
  •  Feeling insecure and stuck, afraid of failing  
  •  Confusion of where to get relevant, up-to-date information to open a business 
It’s time to put your dreams into action and open your own Home Care Agency! There’s a growing need for qualified nursing care for the elderly and disabled community, and a serious lack of agencies available to provide quality service. As a HomeCarePreneur™, you can be your own boss, achieve financial security, and provide a wonderful, much-needed service to your community!
"Not sure how to start your own 
Home Care Agency?"
You’re not alone! With the VIP Hybrid Coaching Program, you’ll get the information, resources, and the support you need to build a solid, successful agency from the ground up!
"I’m Here to Help Make Your Dreams a Reality!." - Coach Michele
I’m Coach Michele, a serial-entrepreneur who, with my husband, Robert, has a mission to help families break free from the cycle of low income and career insecurity through knowledge and entrepreneurship. Together, we have built an award-winning team of expert coaches and entrepreneurs who share our mission. Our team serves others by guiding aspiring entrepreneurs in business development, entrepreneurship, and career transitioning into the multi-billion dollar industry of private duty, non-skilled home care!

What is Home Care and Why 
is it Necessary?
Home Care Agencies provide an essential service to the community, and there is a rapidly growing need for capable, well-run establishments in nearly every part of the United States. So, what is a Home Care Agency?
Home Care is non-skilled supportive care to help vulnerable people, such as the elderly or disabled, stay in their home and improve their quality of life, while providing support to the person’s family or primary caregiver. Supportive care often includes:
  •  Assistance with daily living activities, like eating, dressing, hygiene, and mobility
  •  Companionship and recreation 
  •  Assisting with errands, appointments, and transportation 
  •  Light home keeping tasks, such as changing bedding, vacuuming, and tidying living              and sleeping areas of the home 

These tasks are often carried out by a certified or licensed nursing assistant or a personal care aide. For a person to receive these needed services, a licensed agency must assess and assign personnel to meet these needs. With a population that is aging and only a move away from institutionalized care, the Home Care industry is booming, and the need for licensed agencies is GREAT.
How We Can Help!
It's true that there are a lot of steps to opening a Home Care Agency, and so many amazing entrepreneurs are overwhelmed at seeing what goes into it, and they stop before they even get started!
"We want to make sure that every person with the drive, the ambition, and the empathy to build their own agency can do so without getting stressed out, overwhelmed, 
or filled with anxiety."
While a lot of what we do is provide information and resources to help you start your own Home Care Agency, that’s just a small piece of the program. We want every aspiring CEO to succeed, and that doesn’t just happen through information. We also consult, guide, support, mentor, motivate, and inspire along the way to your success!

Our team understands that becoming an entrepreneur and opening your own business can be overwhelming and even scary, so we want you to know that you’ve got a whole team of expert entrepreneurs who have your back and are your biggest cheerleaders!
So, if you are ready to:
  •  Stop being an employee and start being the BOSS…
  •  Break free from the stress of low-income and job insecurity and build            your OWN business... 
  •  Live a life of financial freedom… 
  •  Get unstuck from an unsatisfying life and find your purpose... 
  •  Create a solid, stable business in a multi-billion dollar industry... 
  •  Provide wonderful jobs and opportunities for the people in your                      community...
  •  Provide a much-needed service and help vulnerable people enjoy a                better quality of life...
Become Elite!!! Gain UNLIMITED access to Coach Michele & her team of experts. Upgrade TODAY!!!
Join the VIP Hybrid Coaching Program and Go From Aspiring CEO to Active CEO!
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HomeCareology 101
"How does the VIP Hybrid Coaching Program take you from a dream to a HomeCarePreneur™?"
  •  24/7 Online VIP Hybrid Course
  •  In-Depth group calls featuring Q&As, strategy building, opportunities, and troubleshooting obstacles.(submit your question to be answered) 
  •  Bi-weekly personal feedback and accountability from Coach Michele or a member of the coaching team through live calls and Zoom participation where you can ask questions, explore growth and build strategies  
  •  Archived calls and workshops with detailed guidance on how to open and succeed in your business
  •  Resources, worksheets, and to-do lists to keep you on track to your goal
  •  BONUS Success File Cabinet - Get access to the team toolbox that has our resources, forms, and templates that we use for our day-to-day operations!
The VIP Hybrid Coaching Program starts at the very beginning of what it takes to build a thriving Home Care Agency, and together, we go step-by-step through the process. No feeling overwhelmed, no worrying or wondering what to do next, and if you get off-track, you have me and my fantastic team to help you on your journey!
Each week has a new module that breaks down the topic into easy-to-follow, bite-sized pieces of information and tasks to go with it.
Before we dive into turning you into a HomeCarePreneur™, we start off with a few Getting Started Lessons:
Prep-Lesson 1: Self Development
  •  We discuss self-awareness and changing your mindset to get you in the entrepreneur frame of mind. We are working on boosting confidence and taking on a "Can Do" attitude.
  •  (Home Care Library Page) We're going into in-depth information about the Home Care industry, including definitions, the difference between non-skilled and skilled nursing, look at statistics, and even dig into the developing research about the industry.
With our new mindset and a good grasp of the Home Care Industry, it’s time to jump into our core lessons!
Lesson One: Business Branding Essentials
  •  Choosing a name for your agency
  •  Creating and reserving a domain identity 
  •  Developing a color scheme 
  •  Designing a logo 
  •  Trademark and service mark 
  •  Crafting your Mission & Vision Statement 
  •  BONUS: Branding Extended! 
  • Font style 
  •  Setting your agency apart 
  •  Personal presentation & representing your brand 
Lesson Two: Business Legalities
  •  Getting your Employer Identification Number and National Provider Number
  •  Local business licensing 
  •  Business banking 
  •  Knowing business insurance 
  •  Local, State, & Federal tax identifiers 
Lesson Three: Building Your Solid Business 
Foundation For Success
  •  Financial analysis
  •  Determining your ideal client
  •  Service solutions
  •  Territory analysis and choosing your office location 
  •  Drawing up a business plan
  •  Establishing your company legal entity 
State Licensing and General Policies & Procedures
  •  How to apply for your state license
  •  Business policies and procedures 
  •  BONUS: Website 101 (everything you need to know about starting a website and improving the one you have)
Lesson Four: Administrative Systems
  •  Setting up your office
  •  Creating a filing system 
  •  Email management 
  •  Software for your business 
  •  Getting paperwork and forms together  
  •  BONUS: Behind the Scenes of Home Care Ownership 
Lesson Five: Staffing
  •  Understanding and conducting payroll
  •  Understanding labor laws 
  •  What is On-Boarding? 
  •  Creating a call-out policy 
  •  Training your caregivers & managing credentials 
  •  Keeping employee records 
  •  Understanding human resources 
  •  Employee software 
Lesson Six: Clients
  •  Understanding software for clients
  •  All about Invoicing 
  •  Accounts receivable  
  •  Client record system and intake process 
  •  Compliance with laws and regulations 
  •  Creating service plans 
Lesson Seven: Marketing
  • Marketing to professional referral sources
  •  Generating email campaigns and building subscriber lists 
  •  Keeping clients coming in... 
Bonus Lesson: Building Relationships
  •  Applying for insurance
  •  Feeling stuck with marketing and referrals 
  •  Visiting professional referral sources
  •  Expanding your service area
Each lesson comes with worksheets to help you write notes and make researching easy, plus there are activities to help you follow up on tasks. This program is designed to keep you on-track and making progress, but WITHOUT feeling stressed or overwhelmed!

My promise to you…
If you’re ready to turn your dream into a reality by following the steps we outline and putting in the work, the VIP Hybrid Coaching Program will help you open your own Home Care Agency. By using the modules, taking part in the calls, and using the feedback my expert team of coaches and I provide, you’ll be a HomeCarePreneur™ and running a thriving Home Care Agency in no time!
The VIP Core Coaching Program is for you if…
  •  You dream of owning your own successful business and being an entrepreneur.
  •  You desire financial security and to break free from the fears of living paycheck-to-paycheck. 
  •  You know you can be successful as an entrepreneur with the right support and resources. 
  •  You need to get unstuck from an unsatisfying job and move forward in your career. 
  •  You are ready to work hard and use the guidance of entrepreneurial experts and experienced business coaches. 
If you’re saying YES... 

Join my award-winning team and me for the VIP Hybrid Coaching Program!
What happens if you don’t join the 
VIP Hybrid Coaching Program?
  •  Your dreams will stay dreams as you continue working a dead-end job
  •  You’ll miss out on building a career in a multi-billion dollar industry 
  •  You will continue to feel stuck in financial insecurity and worry 
  •  You will feel unfulfilled and wonder if you're missing your purpose 
Why feel like this when you can be...
  •  Successful!
  •  Confident! 
  •  Financially secure! 
  •  Making progress and moving forward! 
  •  A role model in your community! 
  •  Happy! 
You deserve to be the CEO that you know you can be! We provide the guidance and support, you provide the hustle! Don’t miss this life-transforming opportunity! 

Terry Thompson
Oh my goodness, GOD is so good, Coach you blessed me today , I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you!!! WOW!! Thanks for sharing your testimony with us, thanks for serving us, thanks for pouring into us, thanks for the pure heart that you have, and most of all thank you for being obedient to GOD when it comes to us.  I told GOD , “Lord you have truly favored me!! Thank you Coach!!
Torina Uzzell, RN BSN
There's so much I could say but I will keep it short. Coach Michele is AMAZING!!! I was hesitant in signing up with her services but I couldn't be happier and blessed. Coach Michele is a wealth of knowledge and doesn't mind sharing even before signing up with her. My business just jumped off and I don't think I would be as far as I am in such a short period if it wasn't for Coach Michele!!!
Have a Wonderful Day!

Torina Uzzell,RN BSN
Thea Zeppone, BA, CNA
Coach Michele's spirit is the best, she walks you through so much and give you extra without reason. I just love talking to her about business, Michele be on point about everything. I came to Michele in she was lovely down to earth and very  understanding. She guided me through lots of bumps I've come across. When I got first client I was very excited, nervous and ready to continue this journey, mostly blessed to know I have the power to gain my passion.
Chanda Parsley, BS, RDH
This course was everything you promised and more. Your program not only increased my knowledge of the industry but this course gave me the confidence and tools I needed to actually “go for it”! I thank God for you and the excellence you model in home care. I thank God most for your willingness to serve others by sharing your expertise with the world. May God immensely bless you and your family. May He continue the bless and prosper the work of your hands.
Forever Grateful
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